Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Run-of-the-Mill Schoolday, Part 2

Continuing our run-of-the-mill schoolday:

After using the sandpaper letter "t", we went on a "tuh" walk. Ella LOVES these walks! We go around looking for anything and everything we can find that begins with the sound "tuh." On this particular day, we found "toys," "toilet," "top," "time," and "turn" (when we "turned" a doorknob).

Then it was snack time. I used this also as a practical life activity. For obvious reason, there's no pictures of this! I had to be right with her all the time. First we got celery (Ella loves celery, she has strange tastes for a little girl, sometimes!) and Ella and I cleaned it in the sink, pulling each stalk apart and rubbing it with our fingers under running water. Then I showed her how to properly hold a knife for cutting, and how far away she had to keep her other hand. It was not without trepidation that I gave her the knife, but even though I stood right there, my hands on hers at first, and later right to the sides of hers, I was amazed at how well she did cutting up the celery. She would remove the ends first, and then effectively chop it up into little pieces. We got three little dishes, and she divided up the celery into them and then put some salad dressing into each for dipping. After taking one of the little dishes to Daddy, we enjoyed our own snack. After snack we did clean-up, and Ella did the washing all by herself!

Then it was gym time...

Now, this gym is NOT at our home... it's across the road at the church, which is where we've been doing our homeschooling. With our home being relatively small and full, and my husband being pastor, we've been very blessed to take advantage of incredible facilities.

God bless grandparents! Ella got this tricycle for Valentine's day, a little early though. She LOVES riding on her trike.

After some riding around, which was done to music (we often listen to CBC Radio 2 during school hours, this time we were enjoying Disc Drive) a particularly dance-worthy song came on, so she began to do her moves!

After all that dancing, I'm sure you wouldn't be surprised to find that Ella was tired, so we called school to an end and headed home.

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At 2:33 p.m. , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love the picture of Ella dancing, the first one, closer up of the three. She looks like she is having such a great time.

How wonderful that you have an indoor place she can run and play while your weather is exceedingly wintery.

I can tell you two are having a great time.


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